Hafnium Labs provides consultancy services and training courses for industrial and academic partners in relation to programming, modeling, and numerical algorithms.

Software and Management

Hafnium Labs helps clients achieve the optimal design of computational platforms, data structures, and architecture and the development of modules using e.g. C, C++, FORTRAN, Python, Visual Basic, C#, MATLAB and more. Hafnium Labs also develops applications for data access, including e.g. SQL and XML and in the design of databases.

Research and Modeling

Hafnium Labs has a strong experience in building robust and accurate mathematical models for describing chemical systems and unit operations. Consultancy tasks include e.g. literature studies, model development and evaluation as well as implementation of models in a variety of formats.

Simulator Extensions

Hafnium Labs offers assistance in relation to building extensions to commercial or in-house process simulators, including UniSim Design from Honeywell, Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS from Aspentech in the form of unit operations or thermodynamic models using e.g. the CAPE-OPEN standard.

Training Courses

Hafnium Labs also offers training courses for specialists in the latest techniques and research in thermodynamic models - including CPA, SAFT, and electrolyte models as well as in the development of robust flash algorithms.