Our approach

Bring state-of-the-art research and technologies to industrial application

Application of research

We are experts in thermodynamics and engaged with the latest advances in research and application. Our focus is on electrolyte models, flash algorithms, advanced association models, and creating a customizable equation of state (EoS) that takes advantage of all available experimental data.

The field of data science is moving at great speed and we utilize several cutting-edge methods, e.g. artificial intelligence (AI) to make sure we become smarter with every new piece of data, uncertainty propagation to asses risk, and flexible database design to incorporate diverse types and sources of data.

We also closely track the latest developments in quantum chemistry to ensure we always deploy best-in-class methods and algorithms.

Facilitation of Chemistry 4.0

We want to facilitate our customers to reap the full potential of digitalization. We understand how important it is for new solutions to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and we aim to offer our products e.g. directly through process simulation tools, using APIs that are easy to call from any workflow, or with interfaces that use common formats to easily take input and give output.

We also see huge potential in using our automation robots to help customers make better use of their experimental and operating data in simulations.

We believe the shift to a circular economy is not just an opportunity but an obligation for the chemical and adjacent industries. From estimating toxicity to simulating electrolytes in waste streams, we believe digitalization is the key.

Using robust software design

The reliability of results from complex models depends as much on the validity of the model as the robustness of the software. We employ a rigorous approach to best practice software development, using modular design, continuous integration, and quality assurance testing.

Besides reliability, code maintainability and lack of flexibility to improve old models is an industry-wide issue. We passionately design software to work today - and improve tomorrow. We write in purpose-suited, modern languages, e.g. C++, SQL, Python, .NET / C#, and Fortran, apply agile development practices, and keep a constant focus on avoiding technical debt.

Powered by scalable computing

We are cloud-first and work to ensure that the exponential increase in computing power translates into both faster and more accurate simulation results. Our customer-accessible cloud will be fully scalable to handle any workload and our products are built to run on any customer cloud as well.

But fast computation is not simply a question of moving workloads to new hardware. While most simulation software can only use a fraction of available resource, we apply modern parallelization methods and put tasks on the best suited processor type to maximize capacity use. Combined with our efficient algorithms for phase equilibrium and property prediction, we will redefine fast.